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Means2 we asked to perform a complete review of all warehouse activities and any other activities that affected them in order to improve the performance of the operation. Previous issues with stock availability and order completion were cited as a cause for concern. Again we started with in depth interviews with relevant section managers and workers on the shop floor.

It became apparent that a number of issues that had been perceived to originate within the warehouse were in fact a result of issues within other administration functions, these caused log-jams in orders being released and receipt stock being "written on" and available for pick.

In addition a survey of the warehouse layout also revealed issues with pick location utilisation and to a lesser extent incompatible beam heights within pallet racking areas that meant that large numbers of low height pallets were being stored in much greater apertures. Our recommendations would enable the client to greatly improve picking performance by reducing circuit length, bulk storage by matching aperture to actual pallet heights and service levels by changes to their systems that would speed up control release of orders and receipt stock.

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