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Operational Strategic Modelling Case Study

Operational Strategic Modelling Case Study Warehouse Network Capacity Modelling

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The brief from our client was to provide a fully dynamic model that would provide space, HR and MHE requirements for the coming years across their network of 6 D.Cs. with a 7th being planned. The model also had to be reactive to any changes in SKU range, distribution channel (there were at least 4), territory, sales forecasts and also resilient enough to respond to at least a couple of years use as strategic planning tool without major rebuild or reconfiguration.

The challenge was met and we were able to produce a single model that could be simply configured by depot, new depot territory share & distribution stream filters, using drop down menus. Secondary fine tuning parameters (in excess of 2,100) could be adjusted in a similar way that would affect individual site characteristics such as average pallet conversion, labour standards, storage levels, etc. etc. These added to the complexity of the model's design and would typically require a one-off calibration exercise which was undertaken by Means2 and fed back to the Client for confirmation of accurate calibration.

The result was a hugely powerful model that was infinitely updateble and provided all the outputs the client required in a compact format due to the skilful use of calculation techniques, that limited calculation time and file size, despite the colossal quantity of data being processed.

"I would recommend Means2 to anyone requiring an Expert in Warehouse design or detailed Data Analysis and Manipulation. They provided a professional service on time and within budget. Their honesty and integrity was refreshing and we will definitely be using their services again in the future." M. Monger Head of Solutions Design

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