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Warehouse Layout Feasibility Case Study

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The Client wished to relocate to their own premises from their existing multi-user contract. On finding what they thought was a suitable site, we were asked to evaluate current and future requirements and determine the most appropriate layout for the building. As a brown field site, the initial thoughts were that although fragmented it was likely accommodate the operation.

We conducted a site survey and familiarised ourselves with the complexities of the building (which were considerable). Set on numerous levels including a 2nd floor that would be treated as a mezzanine structure, and structural unalterable separate chambers; we set about trying to fit the operation around the building. The challenge was to define the internal transport systems without creating pinch points and areas of undue vulnerability such as lifts.

These established, we set about trying to maximise the storage capabilities within the cube of the building, whilst still bearing in mind the operational flows, thus not compromising the efficiency of the operation.

Set against tight deadlines for the imminent procurement of the building, we were able to determine that the building was unsuitable for the desired purpose without significant development, which the client was unprepared to consider and we were able to prevent the expensive purchase of an unviable building.

Warehouse Layout Feasibility Case Study
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