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Warehouse Layout Case Study

Packing Hall Layout

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The Client was running out of space for storage and in addition wanted to increase the capacity of the packing operation.

The relative capacities of the machines according to the existing layout were expressed as a "weighted" arrows overlay on the current layout. The thickness of the arrows indicates the demand, the source from the relative stores area and the destination. From this exercise it was clear that the flow was fragmented, the sources varied according to the wrapping machine type and the W.I.P. stock location. Also, due to the haphazard orientation of the machines, supply routes and finished goods routes were very inefficient.

The proposal was to realign the current machines in the packing room and take advantage of multiple infeed pallet stackers. Output from 4 of the slower machines were fed to one and the 2 (1 existing plus 1 new ) faster machines into another. Output from the pallet stackers was fed to a common stretch wrapping machine resulting in a single source output area for all production.

Warehouse Layout Case Study
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Warehouse Layout Case Study
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