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A change of delivery strategy was going to influence the SKU range that was stored in the existing White Goods DC, Means2 Consulting Ltd. was asked evaluate the future capacity of the site.

Demand data was initially categorised in terms of viable storage lane widths for this largely block stacked operation capable of receiving all types of appliance without being unduly wasteful of floor space. Optimum lane depths were calculated by SKU after we derived likely stock (only average stock cover for the site in terms of "x" weeks was provided, we had to predict by SKU according to a "Pareto" profile against a particular demand pattern.) Optimum lane lengths depended on an acceptable frequency of lane turnover for a week. The existing building, being of older construction, had specific restrictions on stack heights and these too had to be considered when allocating a product to a lane type.

High density storage was the key driver for the solutions, however consideration for slowing moving lines was essential and as a result areas of Pallet Racking were accommodated. By tailoring the aisle widths & lengths to the forecast growth of the products, it was possible to predict with accuracy the future viability of the building.



Warehouse Design
Aisle Width Determination
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