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The layout was initially configured to maximise the locations available for storage, resulting in longer depth lanes of this block stack operation. This gave rise to insufficient ground floor locations for the SKU range. As a consequence multiple SKUs were mixed vertically over a floor location and therefore many housekeeping movements to access the lower positions.

Analysis of the demand profile revealed a fundamental shift from the original planning data, revealing a high proportion of dead lines and an increase in low stock / slow moving lines.

Backed up by accurate analysis, it was recommended that he total number of deep lane locations available were significantly reduced and more shorter lanes provided. This resulted in a reduction of 10% for overall locations, but critically an increase of 19% for available faces.

In addition a change in layout to accommodate fast mover towards the front and slow to the rear, meant that 70% of movements were now conducted in the front third of the warehouse, significantly reducing travel times.

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