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Warehouse Design

Warehouse Design
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At the heart of good warehouse design is good information. We use in-house developed models to reflect current stock activities as well as forecast growth. Understanding the relative activities of SKUs or SKU groups is important because we can then understand the amount higher density storage that can be used; confident of continuous & good utilisation levels, maximising the use of building cube.

We are also able to dynamically model changes in stock cover, growth, seasonality and their effects on the final design. This allows our clients the try alternative scenarios with the confidence that they will accurately reflect the operational parameters "on the ground".

Human & mechanical resources are also determined to provide the complete package. We can use our clients' standards, although since the layout or building are likely do be different, these will inevitably need to be re-evaluated. With many years experience in industrial engineering, we can synthesise new standards from known elements from our own library or use approved work study techniques such as MTM to build standards from scratch. Previous independent evaluation - post implementation - indicates these standards to be within 8% (typically 5%) of observed standards in the live operation.

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Warehouse Design
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